You better watch out, Rudolph… a new four-legged hero is coming to town…! Chilly Christmas, a new feature film releasing on DVD on November 6 will deliver a sleigh-load of fun for audiences of all ages. From Anchor Bay, the film features C. Thomas Howell, Brooke Langton, and Tom Arnold.

Chilly Christmas, produced by Steven Paul, follows 11-year-old Bobby Cole, his detective dad, and their lovable-but-destructive pooch, Chilly, who live together in Sunshine Beach, Calif. When Bobby’s father is offered a job promotion in New York City, Bobby is thrilled for him–but his excitement quickly turns to heartbreak when he realizes he may have to say goodbye to Chilly, who is too rambunctious to live in a tiny city apartment. While the Coles prepare Chilly for the Big Apple, trouble begins brewing in their own backyard when a dog-napper and his crew suddenly show up in Sunshine Beach, hot on Chilly’s tail. It’s up to Detective Cole, Bobby, and Chilly to stop the thieves in their tracks and keep their family together.

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