Mega Brands Creates a Bridge Between Arts, Crafts, and Toys With Scraps and Goo Hu

Mega Brands, Inc., is expanding the focus of its RoseArt brand through the introduction of two all-new children’s product lines: Scraps and Goo Hu. These two RoseArt product lines represent a strategic business decision to create a bridge between arts, crafts, and toys, offering products with extensive post-creation playability.

Expanding the interactivity of traditional plush animals, Scraps is a unique new line of 12 original, interchangeable plush characters that kids create by looping and buttoning together multiple pieces and parts onto pom-pom bodies. All Scraps parts can be mixed, matched, and reattached, so kids can collect their favorite characters and even create their own new characters for extended creative play.

Mega Brands has also developed a proprietary product that is part science experiment, part bouncing toy, with the launch of RoseArt’s Goo Hu. Goo Hu features two silicone-based modeling compounds that, when kept apart, remain gooey forever, but once combined create magical matter that turns into a rubbery, bouncy, and flexible form that won’t shrink, crack, break, or lose its bounce.  Goo Hu combines crafting with chemistry, allowing children to use their imagination to create unique toy shapes and forms.

Both products are available at Target, Kmart, and Toys “R” Us. More information about Scraps is available at More information about Goo Hu is available at

3-D Puzzle Breakthrough from Mega Brands

Mega Puzzles 3D Breakthrough

Fun for anyone who enjoys arts & crafts, creative projects, or family activities, Mega Brand’s new 3D Breakthrough puzzles provide a new puzzling experience. The traditional jigsaw puzzle gets rejuvenated as the flat jigsaw puzzle pieces use real 3-D technology to make the art pop out.

Puzzlers first put together the 2-D jigsaw puzzle background and then use specially designed clips to construct cardboard pieces into 3-D components. The completed piece becomes a work of art that can be displayed on a wall, mantel, or tabletop for an enhanced 3-D effect.

The 3D Breakthrough Puzzle line is for kids and adults ages 6 and up and comes in easy, moderate, and advanced levels. The puzzles will be available online this fall and in retail stores.

Mega Nabs Warcraft, Starcraft Licenses

Mega Brands and Blizzard Entertainment have announced a licensing partnership to create Warcraft- and Starcraft-themed construction sets that will be available next summer. The gaming hit World of Warcraft remains the most popular online multi-player, role-playing game in the world, while the second installment in the Starcraft series (Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty) is the fastest selling, real-time strategy game of all time. The first construction toy sets from this deal will be based on iconic locations, characters, and vehicles from the two games.

Mega to Develop Generator Rex Construction Toys

Mega Brands has signed on to develop construction toys based on the new boys action series, Generator Rex. The full line of toys will be distributed to international markets as part of the three-year deal. The construction toy line will launch in the U.S. next fall (2011) and then will roll out in additional territories. The global deal marks the first time Mega has partnered with Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE).

Generator Rex follows Rex, a 15-year-old typical teenager with abnormal powers, as he uses his superhuman abilities to help fight mutant creatures known as EVOs. The series airs Fridays on Cartoon Network at 8:30 p.m ET/PT.

First Mega Bloks App Now Available for the iPad and iPhone

In celebration of Mega Bloks’ 25th anniversary, Mega Brands is releasing its first iPhone and iPad application for preschoolers, Mega Bloks Playground. Michael Elman, partner and creative of Budge Studios, the developer and publisher of the App, describes it as “not a ‘video game’ by any means that gives you set goals and sets you up to ‘win’ or ‘lose’.”

Instead, Mega Bloks Playground is open-ended and boasts unlimited play. In the preschool interactive world there are two playable Mega Bloks buddies, a boy and a girl, who interact with in-world elements, such as swings, sets, slides, see-saws, animals, and more. Kids can drag or tap the buddies with a finger on the iPad or iPhone screen and watch them play in the playground.

The App also features piles of colorful Mega Bloks throughout the playground that kids can use to build a variety of Mega Bloks creations. The touch-play controls are specially designed to help develop fine motor skills in children ages 2 to 5.

Mega Bloks Playground is available, starting today, for the iPad ($3.99) and iPhone ($1.99), exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Game-kids section. For the first 48 hours after launch, the App will be sold for 50 percent off.

Mega Launches Dragons Universe

Mega Brands has announced the international launch of its new construction toy line, Dragons Universe. The story of Dragons Universe follows the Alliance soldiers who are being attacked by the Predavors, an alien race of warlike dragons. The Prevadors are looking for the Cores, which are glowing and powerful spheres.

The new Dragons Universe product line includes the Small Dragon Eggs and Alliance Pods, an assortment of buildable Prevador Dragons or Alliance Speeders; Dragon Universe playsets, with each one featuring characters, dragons, and buildable vehicles for battle scenes; the Rapid Fire Dragon fighter, featuring a ‘Flight Controller’ for aerial maneuvers, a working weapon, and Alliance and Prevador characters; and more.

Sanrio Partners with MEGA for Construction Toys

Sanrio, Inc. and MEGA Brands, Inc. have entered into a North American licensing agreement to develop construction toys for young girls based on the Hello Kitty brand. Under the two-year agreement, MEGA Brands obtains the rights to develop construction toy sets based on the Hello Kitty brand, which will allow young girls to build, personalize, and collect their very own Hello Kitty world. The Mega Bloks-licensed product offerings will make their debut in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in spring 2011.

Fox to Expand Avatar Product Lineup Following Film’s Success

Following the success of James Cameron’s Avatar, Fox Consumer Products plans to expand its merchandising opportunities for the franchise.

With more than 125 licensed products manufactured during the film’s release in four main categories (video games, publishing, toys, and apparel), Fox hopes to expand the number in the fall with back-to-school and other seasonal products. Fox also plans on expanding the Avatar brand to encompass bedding, board games, social expressions, and costumes. Current partners include Rubie’s, Abrams, MEGA Brands, JLA Home, and Trends International.

Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time, with approximately $2.7 billion in worldwide ticket sales, and is also the best-selling DVD and Blu-ray with around 20 million copies purchased in the first three weeks. Its retail sales total approximately $153 million.

MEGA Brands Inks New Deal for Dinosaur Train

As part of a partnership with MEGA Brands, Inc., there will be a new line of Dinosaur Train toys hitting store shelves in North America beginning spring 2011. The new Mega Bloks products will launch worldwide fall 2011.

The deal by The Jim Henson Company, creator of Dinosaur Train, grants Mega Brands worldwide, multi-year licensing rights for the line of preschool construction toys.

Created by Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!), Dinosaur Train airs on PBS Kids.

MEGA Brands Seeks U.S. Bankruptcy Court Protection

According to Reuters, MEGA Brands has filed a Chapter 15 proceeding in a U.S. bankruptcy court in Delaware, clearing the way for a key recapitalization vote next month. The Montreal-based company said on Friday that it had started proceedings in Canada on February 12 to implement a restructuring that would cut its debt by about $290 million and annual interest expenses by about $30 million.

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