A new collaboration between Women in Toys (WIT) and Walmart will help women-owned businesses of all sizes pitch their products to Walmart during the American International Toy Fair in February.

Through the Women in Toys–Walmart Women’s Global Economic Empowerment Initiative, WIT will host its version of speed-dating at Toy Fair, offering women-owned businesses a chance to pitch their children’s products, product lines, and brands to the retailer. The initiative will help Walmart reach its goal of sourcing $20 billion from women-owned businesses by 2016.

The pitch meetings are by appointment only and will take place throughout the trade show, held at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City from February 10 to 13. The Women in Toys, Licensing and Entertainment Booth will be used to promote the initiative and serve as registration check-in for Walmart pitches. Private meeting rooms provided by the Toy Industry Association will be outfitted for the meetings.

An anonymous private donor has pledged up to $3 million to develop approved products.

For more information about pitching products or to join the planning committee, contact Patti Becker of Becker Associates LLC at (203) 322-7396.