3Doodler will debut its new line of 3Doodler Start products at the North American Toy Fair this weekend. This line features a variety of products that incorporate robotics and STEM concepts, as well as products that allow kids to channel their creativity.

Kids can now customize their HEXBUG collections with the Make Your Own HEXBUG Pen Set & Activity Kit. Kids can doodle their HEXBUG’s body and legs using the insect themed DoodleMolds, then let it crawl around to explore its environment, build mazes for it to scurry its way through, or even race it with friends.

3Doodler will also introduce its STEM Series, which features a range of activity kits that will naturally stimulate creativity and STEM thinking, such as problem solving, spatial reason, structural design, and more. Kids can merge prehistoric with futuristic and bring their Jurassic creatures to life with the Robotic Dinosaur Activity Kit, make their own articulated action figures complete with ball & socket joints with the Make Your Own Figurines Activity Kit, while the new Science & Engineering Activity Kit further connects STEM activities with the real 3-D world this year.

For kids looking to spur artistic creativity sans STEM concepts, there are the new DoodleMold Kits, including the Make Your Own Desserts Kit, the Make Your Own Food Keyring Kit, Make Your Own Masks Kit and the Make Your Own Eyeglasses Kit.These new products will be available in stores in May. The company will also showcase a 6 foot replica of the Statue of Liberty, made entirely from its set of 3-D pens, at Toy Fair.