Adult fans of LEGO are often targeted with more complex sets that end up making good decorations. | Source: LEGO

Adult life can be stressful, as confirmed by the LEGO Group’s global Play Well 2022 Report, which indicates that 93% of adults worldwide are feeling regularly stressed and 80% are looking for new ways to relax. The majority of people seeking these new methods have said that doing something creative or manual is more fulfilling than a passive activity. 

In response to these results, LEGO wants to encourage adults to pick up LEGO sets to unwind with. The company likely sees its sets as an excellent answer to these complaints and wants to appeal to both children and adults with its variety of set age ranges. 

LEGO’s new data has the company eager to get more adults building. | Source: LEGO

“LEGO building isn’t just for children, and getting creative with LEGO bricks can help adults to relax, feel creative and get a real sense of achievement. These sorts of activities transcend age and can have benefits for builders both young and old,” says Genevieve Cruz, head of product for the adult audience, “ We have championed the importance of quality, creative play for nine decades, and our Play Well 2022 research proves there is still a place for LEGO building for adults.”

LEGO does have many sets targeted specifically to adults, and an entire section of its online store is devoted to that market. From its Great Pyramid of Giza set to the Sanctum Sanctorum set based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which are both recommended for ages 18 and up, LEGO is trying to appeal to both pop culture adult fans as well as people that want to build a set more associated with art or travel. 

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With a total of 100 different adult LEGO products, LEGO hopes to see this new report encourage more adults to enter the hobby. In addition to releasing the report, LEGO is responding to the new data with a number of in-person events in their stores. The LEGO Lates series will be after-hours events for adult fans of LEGO (who the company calls “AFOLs”) and will include talks, performances, and fashion shows, as well as LEGO building and a goody bag guests can take home with them. 

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