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Spooky Cool Labs, Warner Bros. Announce New Facebook Game

Spooky Cool Labs and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced The Wizard of Oz game for Facebook. The game is based on the film and includes music from the original soundtrack. It also features video clips from the film and resemblance of characters , including Judy Garland and Margaret Hamilton. Players will have the opportunity to build their own Munchkintown by constructing buildings, interacting with locals, and building the Yellow Brick Road to help lead Dorothy and her friends to Emerald City. As players travel through the Land of Oz, they will run into other characters and will have a chance to defend the townspeople from the Wicked Witch of the West and her Winged Monkeys. Player can visit other Munchkinlands and help with quests. Visit to collect items that The Wicked Witch of the East left behind, as well as the Ruby Slippers, for a limited...

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Zazoo Kids Creates Two New Photo Clocks

Zazoo Kids has expanded its Photo Clock collection by adding two new styles for a total of seven clocks. Parents can download personalized images for mornings, nights, special occasions, and holidays. The clocks tell children can’t read a clock yet when to go to bed, stay in bed, or start the day. The photo clocks come with pre-programmed awake and asleep images. Parents can also personalize their child’s photo clock with personal digital photos. The clock features a rotating photo frame, an alarm clock, video, music, an audio book, and a calendar. It also comes with 11 children’s songs from artists including Milkshake and Little Miss Ann. The Zazoo Photo Clock can be purchased online at,,,, and and found in select retail...

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P’Kolino Introduces Four Chalkboard Products

P’Kolino introduces four new chalkboard products, including the Chalkboard Bookshelf, the Tabletop Easel, the Little One’s Art Easel, and the Chalk Table and Benches. The Chalkboard Bookshelf features three front-facing shelves for organization and a chalkboard door that kids can personalize. The Tabletop Easel features a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other, as well as a paper roll and chalk. It folds flat for easy storage. The Little One’s Art Easel is a smaller version of the Tabletop Easel. It features a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other. It includes a paper roll and chalk. The Chalk Table and Benches features a chalk table with reversible tabletop and an under the table storage compartment to organize art...

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Razor USA Is Looking To Hire Two Toy Designers and Design Director

Razor USA is looking for two toy designers to join its New Brands Group. The designers must have prior toy design success at another toy or children’s product company. The designers will be responsible for generating new ideas as part of the design and brand development toy team, support brand team with toy design renderings, present and communicate ideas effectively to design and marketing teams, among other responsibilities. The company is also looking to hire a toy Design Director with strong knowledge and experience in both boys and girls toys; however, the company will consider a strong Design Director candidate that has experience in either one. The position requires a strong understanding of toy design and development. The Design Director will manage a design team of four to six staff designers as well as outside resources, support Product Managers in managing product development, identify and leverage toy development best practices, among other duties. For consideration, interested candidates should send a PDF file link to portfolio and a resume to...

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Sony Releases New Video Game Collections In Time For the Holidays

Sony released its Ratchet and Clank video games collection, which is a re-mastered version of the classic Ratchet and Clank games from PS2 in 1080p with 3D support. The collection includes Ratchet and Clank, Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal. The Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal game allows for online multiplayer support. The collection also features full PlayStation Network Trophy Support. Players will also get a free 10th Anniversary Ratchet and Clank Avatar. Sony also released LittleBigPlanet Karting. Players can get behind the steering wheel and get ready to race through tracks, discover unlockables in 3D environments, and battle in karting arenas. The game also allows players to pick-up items and weaponry and to customize tracks, karts, weapons, and Sackboy costumes using the in-game editor. Players have the option to download designs built by players around the world. Sony also presents its Journey Collector’s Edition for PS3. The Blu-Ray Bundle features exclusive titles, new content, and previously released digital content. The bundle also features a thirty-minute behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Journey, creator commentary, three mini games from thatgamecompany, concept art, and screenshot galleries for all three games, original soundtrack, PS3 dynamic themes and wallpapers, PSN avatars including 8 exclusive new Journey avatars, official game trailers and developer diary videos, and reversible cover...

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Ganz Introduces Webkinz Friends App For iPad

Ganz introduces Webkinz Friends, a free app for iPad. The app allows both parents and children to build Kinzville, an interactive town. Players can adopt Webkinz pets and design their own homes with items from KinzMart. Players can supply businesses by harvesting plants and earning berries to send to active accounts on Webkinz Friends allows players to follow the stories of different characters and customize the town map with roads, trees, buildings, and decorations. Players can transfer their pets from Webkinz Pet to Webkinz Friends for more fun. For more information, visit Webkinz Friends...

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LeapFrog, Cartoon Network Partner To Bring Animated Shows To Learning Platforms

LeapFrog Enterprises and Cartoon Network Enterprises have partnered to bring two of Cartoon Network’s shows to LeapFrog’s educational entertainment platforms. The Amazing World of Gumball television series is now available for purchase in the Just For Fun section of the LeapFrog App Center for LeapPad1 and LeapPad2. It is also available on Leapster GS and Leapster Explorer video games systems. Episodes of the Powerpuff Girls series will be available next year for purchase through the LeapFrog App...

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Morphology Releases Expansion Pack Exclusively For Marbles: The Brain Store

Morphology Games has released an Expansion Pack, featuring 20 new pieces and 200 new words, assuring many more hours of creative play and imaginative thinking with Morphology. The Expansion Pack was created in response to requests from fans asking for more words and more pieces. The addition from the Expansion Pack brings the total number of words to 680 that players can now build using 70 pieces in total. The pack is available exclusively at Marbles: The Brain Store retail locations nationwide, as well as through their website...

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Entertainment One Releases New Films for Kids

Entertainment One has released The Adventures Of Scooter The Penguin, a new CG family-friendly DVD. The animated film tells the story of Scooter, a little bird from a lost colony of penguins known for their speed and strength. Scooter was abandoned before he hatched and was taken by a family of silver penguins who encourage his talents. Still, the little bird feels like he doesn’t belong. As his adventures unfold, Scooter learns lessons of love and self-worth and returns to save the day at his village. eOne has also released Trooper and The Legend of The Golden Key. Trooper is a Bloodhound that lives in a town with a mysterious legend about a golden key that could be worth $1 million. The film follows Trooper and his owner, 10-year-old Tommy, as they set out to find the key and run into unexpected danger....

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New EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive Goes Into Effect in January

Courtesy of Toy Industry Association On January 2, toys that have a major E&E component must meet the European Union New Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 2) limits. E&E equipment includes equipment dependent on electric current or electromagnetic fields in order to work properly. Under the new definition in RoHS 2, toys that need electric currents, or electromagnetic fields to fulfill at least one intended function are included. Compliance with RoHS 2 must be met by July 22 for toys where E&E component is minor or secondary such as a plush toy that sings. For more information, visit the European Commission...

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