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Rubie’s Costume Company Creates Captain America: Civil War Collection

Rubie’s Costume Company Inc., joined forces with Marvel to produce officially licensed costumes, costume tops, masks, and accessories for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, the 13th installment in the Marvel cinematic universe. Available in child and adult sizes, the collection includes Captain America, Iron Man, Winter Solider, Black Widow, Vision, and Hawkeye, and introduces Black Panther, Crossbones, Falcon, War Machine, and Scarlet Witch. In addition, Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique offers new styles for pets, and Imagine by Rubie’s offers dress-up costumes and accessories for children in separates and boxed sets. The upcoming film hits theaters on May 6 and the Captain America: Civil War Collection by Rubie’s will be available this Halloween...

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Jakks Pacific Announces TMNT Toys for Fall

JAKKS Pacific Inc., in conjunction with Nickelodeon, has received the global licensing rights to manufacture, market, and distribute several new toys launching this fall that feature popular characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series. The full line of JAKKS Pacific 2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys includes XPV RC Skateboarding Mikey, where kids can control the turtle and have him perform skateboard tricks and incredible moves such as wheelies, 360s, one-footed spins and more; Big-Figs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 48.5-Inch Figures, which have five points of articulation and come with a weapon belt and two removable ninja swords; and Ba-BOOM-ies Blind Packs, where each balloon features favorite licenses and characters for collecting and trading. Seasonal toys available now include the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fold N’ Go Chair, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Turtles Extreme Basketball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Activity Table Set, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 16-Inch Big Wheel, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color n’ Play Activity...

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Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has created Adaptoys, adapted versions of popular toys that allow people with physical disabilities to experience actively playing with their families. The toys are equipped with voice activation, motion sensors, and sip-and-puff assistive technology.  Advertising agency 360i partnered with technology company Axios to create the initial prototypes, including a remote control car powered by a headset equipped with a straw, and a voice-controlled pitching machine that throws a ball on the user’s command. In a film created by production company Tiny Giant and director Charlie Mysak, with support from Jim Rubino of Fluid Editorial, former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand illustrates the impact these toys can have for individuals living with paralysis as he plays with his young nephews. To make these toys more accessible to everyone, 360i and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation launched a crowdfunding campaign at to raise funds to support the research, development, and production costs for at least 100 adapted remote control cars, which will be distributed to qualified recipients through a random lottery selection. The more successful the crowdfunding effort, the more toys will be produced and families will be...

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Hasbro Expands with New Space in Media Studios North

Hasbro Inc. announced the company’s plans to relocate and expand its West Coast presence. The company will move from its 45,000-square-foot North Hollywood Way office in Burbank, CA, to an  80,000-square-foot office space on 3333 West Empire Ave. in Burbank’s Media Studios North office park. Media Studios North is a 1.2 million-square-foot office park owned by Shorenstein Properties LLC and The Worthe Real Estate Group, Inc. Home to companies like Technicolor and Kaiser Permanente, the property is adjacent to the Bob Hope Airport, and offers quick access to Downtown Los Angeles. Employees will have access to a range of amenities, including two full-service commissaries, a first-class health club, and outdoor activities such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, and a jogging track. The building is LEED Gold certified, and features enough space for over 300 employees. Hasbro intends for the move to happen in the fourth quarter of this...

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Hasbro, Sony Release Transformers-Inspired Album

Hasbro Studios and Sony Music Entertainment released Transformers Roll Out, an alternative-rock tribute to the Transformers franchise. The album features a collection of original songs from alternative, rock, and alternative-pop artists, and includes tracks from the bands Bush and Mount Holly. The album will be released on Sony Music’s RED Associated labels and is available for digital purchase now on iTunes....

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Nintendo, Sonic Partner for Kids Meal Toys

Sonic and Nintendo have partnered to bring Mario and Luigi to kids’ meals across the country. Between April 19 and June 30, Sonic Drive-Ins are offering customers a toy based on the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam game with each purchase of a Wacky Pack kids meal. Each of the five Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam toys looks and plays differently. One Mario-shaped toy races across the room on wheels, while another features Paper Mario and Luigi and spins around like a top. Two of the toys resemble the folded-up paper look of the papercraft battles featured in the...

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Kohl’s Cares Offers Salina Yoon Books, Plush

This summer, Kohl’s will sell children’s books from author and illustrator Salina Yoon as part of the Kohl’s Cares collection. The books and complementing accessories are priced at $5 each, with all of the profits benefiting kids’ health initiatives nationwide. The collection, which has raised almost $300 million to date, is available at all Kohl’s stores nationwide and now through the end of June. Books and soft toys featured in the Kohl’s Cares collection this summer include:  Penguin on Vacation book, Penguin’s Big Adventure book and penguin soft toy Board Book Set and clownfish soft toy Found book and bear soft toy Stormy Night book and dinosaur soft toy...

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Magformers Creates TMNT Building Sets

Magformers has entered a licensing partnership with Nickelodeon to create a line of magnetic building kits for preschoolers inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. The Half-Shell Heroes sets allow preschoolers to build with Magformers squares and triangles to create Turtle Towers. Kids can match the characters to their colors and interchange them to tell their own story. Once the structure is built, the Neodymium Rare-Earth magnets will stick together, forming 3-D structures from a 2-D design. The product line will feature three sets at varying price points: 18 pieces with 4 turtle cards, 38 pieces with 8 turtle cards, and 60 pieces with 12 turtle cards. The product line will hit shelves mid-May at most major retail...

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Massachusetts 5th Grader Awarded ‘Top Banana’ At Inaugural Bananagrams Challenge

Eleven-year-old Keely Cahoon, from Ralph D. Butler Elementary School in Avon, Mass. defeated 10,000 other 4th through 6th graders in New England to win the first-ever U.S. Bananagrams Challenge. The fifth grader was crowned ‘Top Banana’ after triumphing over 11 other kids at the live Grand Final of the word game tournament, held on April 9 at the Omni Providence Hotel in Providence, RI, home state of Bananagrams. Kids from more than one hundred schools competed in the classroom earlier this year, and the best player from each school went forward to compete in a series of online word games. The top 12 players stemmed from the online portion played in the live Grand Final. As the winner, Cahoon received a trophy designed by Bananagrams co-creator Rena Nathanson, an exclusive goody bag, and a $1,000 check for her school. As part of its mission to get children playing with words, Bananagrams launched the challenge to help boost vocabulary and spelling skills in classrooms and after-school clubs across the...

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Walkie Chalk Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Walkie Chalk, a new way to play with chalk, officially launched its Kickstarter campaign today. Meant to eliminate messy hands and sore backs, this new invention adds length to the average piece of chalk. The adjustable 24- to 36-inch stick comes in three separate pieces, allowing it to be lengthened or shortened as needed. Initially, Walkie Chalk will only be available in the color Lucky Lime, but if enough money is pledged, Walkie Chalk also plans to produce its product in Tropical Teal. The funding period runs through May 11, and the company has a Kickstarter goal of $12,500. Donations range from $1 to $500 and prizes include Walkie Chalk early bird specials, and packages that range from three to 60 Walkie Chalks....

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