Bandai America is releasing an Amazon exclusive Tamagotchi in celebration of the brand’s 25th anniversary! | Source: Bandai America

Tamagotchi is turning 25 — feel old yet?

Bandai America is celebrating Tamagotchi’s 25th anniversary! The popular 90s toy has remained in the zeitgeist due to its sense of nostalgia, the emotional connection to virtual pets, and new releases and collaborations.

To celebrate the big day, Bandai is releasing an Amazon exclusive Original Tamagotchi, featuring a unique, pastel iridescent design. This new Tamagotchi features all the functions that fans have come to know and love, including the original programming from the 90s. The original generation 1 Tamagotchi lets fans raise their pet from egg to child to adult in the same way they’d take care of a real-world pet. Players can feed their Tamagotchi, play with it, give it medicine, and even clean up after it. The way that players take care of their pet then determines which of the seven adult Tamagotchis they’ll get.

Tamagotchi 25th Anniversary by Bandai America | Source: CNW Group/Bandai America

“It’s a rarity for a toy brand to have such staying power, spanning not only decades but generations,” says Tara Badie, senior director of brand strategy at Bandai America. “There are many factors that can be attributed to Tamagotchi’s staying power, like our amazing core fanbase that grew up with the toy who have kept interest in the brand alive.”

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The Amazon exclusive Tamagotchi is available in limited quantities for preorder here. In addition to the new Tamagotchi, Bandai America has plans to keep the celebration going all year long. Stay tuned!

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