Breyer is a company well-known for its detailed horse models. Now, the company has released a new site, the Adventures of Paddock Pals, centered around its affordable Paddock Pals horse and unicorn figures

The Paddock Pals site includes a number of interactive elements and activities for kids that enjoy the toys. There are four portals in total, each taking kids to a different area of the site with information and activities.

The first portal takes kids to the “Meet the Paddock Pals” page, which has a personal story for each horse and unicorn. The second portal launches a page featuring information about horses overall and the Breyer company itself. The third portal takes kids to a page that includes a number of activities, with music to listen to, crafts they can do at home, and more. Finally, the last portal is designed to allow adults to enter into the weekly Paddock Pals giveaway Breyer runs, either for themselves or on behalf of a kid in their life. 

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The new Paddock Pals experience is available on the officially launched webpage. Breyer has a number of different horse models, but the Paddock Pals are designed to be easily collectible and affordable for younger kids, with availability at retailers such as Amazon, Dollar General, Cracker Barrel, and Five Below. Paddock Pals is a featured brand in our sister publication The Toy Insider’s 2023 Spring & Summer Gift Guide.