Epoch Everlasting Play kicked off the holiday shopping season with an interactive pop-up experience to celebrate the retail launch of the Calico Critters’ new Town series. The series, first introduced in 1985, features detailed animal figures that live like humans with a focus on nature, family, and love. The collection is now available at specialty stores nationwide and online at Amazon.

The pop-up experience took place at Stella’s Exclusive Town Tea at Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon in New York City. It featured life-size replicas of the play set, including a chance to step inside Stella’s Designer Studio, taste testing at the Chocolate Lounge and gelato stands, and a first look at the new Calico Critters animated series debuting on Netflix on Nov. 1 in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Other countries in Europe and Asia will launch in their respective languages on Dec. 1.

The Calico Critters Netflix series will feature 12 Calico Critters mini episodes, a 22-minute mini-movie called The Treasure of Calico Village, and an 11-minute long story called A Town of Dreams Mini Movie.

The new Town collection features a more elegant, sophisticated styling, and a focus on the lives of more grown-up characters, who have fun jobs that kids can dream of having when they grow up. Located on the west side of the treasured Calico Village, each character can take the Tram to the center of Town and visit the Grand Department Store and Stella’s special Designer Studio, where she lives. Kids can collect and connect each detailed set.

The centerpiece of the Town is the Grand Department Store, recommended for kids ages 6 and up, and priced at $129.95. It includes a terrace, balconies, custom windows, awnings, flags, and railings to spark customizable play.