CanspanBMG Inc. expanded its partnership with WowWee. The marketing agency will lead social and digital marketing strategy and efforts for new WowWee brands including Pixie Belles, Buttheads, Pinkfong Baby Shark, and the recently-announced Wiggles collection. The company will also continue to support line extensions for the Untamed and Fingerlings brands.

“We’re beyond thrilled with the results we’ve seen from our social and digital marketing since handing the reins to Canspan,” says Michael Yanofsky, vice president of sales at WowWee.

Additionally, Canspan will be responsible for leading North American efforts on digital advertising including Amazon AMS; Google Display and YouTube advertising; and paid social media, content, and community management.

Based in Los Angeles and Montreal, Canspan recently added a public relations department and opened its third office, located in Toronto’s Riverside district.

“Over the last two years, Canspan and WowWee have enjoyed a successful partnership, which has enabled both companies to grow to new levels,” says Jamie Berman, president of Canspan. “We are extremely fortunate to be working with a partner that is committed to developing game-changing innovative products that push the entire toy industry forward.”