Catan is headed to the 21st century. Catan: New Energies is a new version of the iconic game set in the modern day world where players must find sustainable energy sources to power the island of Catan.

Throughout the game, players must choose between investing in clean energy or cheaper, but environmentally damaging fossil fuels. As the game goes on, pollution and environmental disasters can impact the game. If too much pollution occurs, the game can even end early. The game was designed by Benjamin Teuber, Managing Director at Catan GmbH, and his father, Klaus Teuber, who died last year.

Source: Catan

“Gaming has an incredible power to reflect real-world challenges and inspire thoughtful conversations,” says Benjamin Teuber. “As we designed this game, my dad said, ‘A game is an experience—not a lecture.’ We are not telling players how to act best; we’re inviting them to learn and draw their own conclusions through play.”

Catan: New Energies will be printed and made using sustainable wood and paper sources with no plastic components. Catan: New Energies is available for preorder now.

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