Hasbro has added a new playset to its Play-Doh catalog. Kids can make Play-Doh pizza and ice cream, then deliver their creations to family members on the scooter.

The playset includes 10 different Play-Doh containers with colors like white, red, green, and brown, as well as built-in molds on the scooter, so kids can create more than 50 pretend toppings and dessert treats.

The back of the scooter mimics a brick oven, and kids can utilize the stamp and spin action to make the Play-Doh pizza pies. There’s also a prep space and the pretend kitchen tools needed to make a pizza or scoop ice cream. The playset includes a plastic cell phone, checkout station, and pretend credit card reader as well as Play-Doh money molds.

The cupholders, seat storage, and Play-Doh holders on the bottom provide storage space for Play-Doh and the included accessories.

Kids can ride the scooter to deliver their pretend pizza. The scooter features a slot for the pizza box (included in the set) and a horn. The Play-Doh Pizza Delivery Scooter Playset, made for kids ages 3 and up, is available on Amazon for $94.99.

For more information, visit hasbro.com.

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