Distroller Wərld will open its a Los Angeles flagship store in Glendale Galleria, and will unveil its 1,200 square foot retail space and third U.S. store this September.

Distroller made its U.S. debut last year with its first brick and mortar in San Diego, followed by a second retail location in Houston. Distroller was founded in Mexico City in 2004 by artist Amparo “Amparin” Serrano, and the brand currently has more than 60 stores in Mexico and Latin America.

Distroller’s mainstay brand is the Neonate Babies, which come in a variety of sizes, personalities, and species. Parents and kids can adopt their own Neonate Baby delivered in a special space capsule.

Since its U.S. launch, Distroller released the Neonate Babies and Chiquity Boom Town brands, and will continue to expand and house a variety of brands inside Distroller Wərld.