Cra-Z-Art is making pigs fly.

Known for its toys, puzzles, and art supply projects, Cra-Z-Art is entering the game aisle for the first time with Flying Pigs. Shown to attendees at the Toy Insider‘s Sweet Suite event in NYC last month, the game features toy pigs that fly inside an enclosed dome using a safe, motorized fan. Kids can insert the included wands through the four openings in the dome to catch the pigs as they attempt to fly right by. Whoever catches the most pigs wins, but beware the white pig — catching that one means putting all of your piggies back in the dome.

“As the name suggests, Flying Pigs is a fun, silly, and innovative way for kids to compete against their friends and family as they practice counting, STEM skills, and more. Kids won’t want to stop playing,” says Cra-Z-Art Chairman Lawrence Rosen.

Flying Pigs is available at Target and other U.S. retailers, in addition to Walmart Canada.