IMC Toys continues to expand its Cry Babies brand with the U.S. launch of its Cry Babies Magic Tears animated series.

Geared toward kids ages 3 to 6, it showcases a focus on problem-solving, friendship, empathy and teamwork. More than 35 episodes from seasons one and two are available on the Cry Babies YouTube Channeland will be available on Amazon Prime and Instagram TV later this month.

“The series has already gained fantastic momentum since it first rolled out in August 2018 in Europe, garnering more than 250 million views and over 700k subscribers worldwide.” says Karen Branson, vice president of sales at IMC Toys USA. “Kids love to use their imagination and expand their play experience, and we thought it was the perfect move to introduce the Magic Tears world to Cry Babies fans through which they can really bond with their favorite characters.”

Cry Babies now offers a mini collectibles line, which will be available as a blind series this fall, launching at Target and other retailers nationwide.