Disney to Release 3-D Movies on Blu-ray

Walt Disney Studios will start releasing Disney Digital 3-D content for the home on Blu-ray disc beginning with Disney’s A Christmas Carol and a special 3-D Showcase Disc. The new 3-D content for homes will be made available in coordination with hardware manufacturers’ to-be-released, 3-D home entertainment systems.

The 3-D enabled, Blu-ray release of Disney’s A Christmas Carol will be available in fourth quarter 2010, and will be the debut title that will launch a line up of Disney Digital 3-D movies for the home. The 3-D Showcase Disc will be a compilation of upcoming 3-D product, footage, and promotional trailers from Disney’s 3-D content library, including Walt Disney’s 1953 animated short Working for Peanuts, and trailers of upcoming Blu-ray releases such as Disney’s A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland.

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Guest Auther