Distroller launched what it’s calling “the most Rainbowbastic” addition to its Neonate Babies nursery: the Nerlie Cornitos.

The latest Generation X-Clusive Nerlies feature distinct unicorn space suits that set them apart from other Nerlies in Distroller’s growing range of dolls. Neonate Babies first became popular in Mexico, with popularity reaching the U.S. through widely-shared videos that detail the Neonate Babies’ alien mythology and their Earthbound adoption process and care instructions. The dolls and accessories are available exclusively through Distroller USA’s online store, or at Distroller World experiential retail locations in San Diego, Houston, and Glendale, California.

The Nerlie Cornitos’ story is that some mischievous Nerlies on the planet of Neonatopia heard stories of a magical land called Chiquity Boom Town — where everything is a delicious treat, and only “peculiar beings” live. Hoping to trick the residents of Chiquity Boom Town into thinking that they were real unicorns, the Nerlies donned unicorn space suits and plotted a course for adventure. After making a left at Orion’s Belt, the Nerlies’ navigation signal was lost and the crew ended up landing on Earth, soon discovering that kids love Neonate Babies.

Neonate Babies Back to School

Additionally, Distroller released a new back-to-school collection featuring backpacks, lunch boxes, and pencil cases. Like the dolls, all products can be found online or in-store through Distroller World.