The latest Neonate Babies from Distroller World couldn’t be more timely.

The Nerlie Kootie Pops are alien babies that have traveled to Earth from Neonatopia with distinct spots on their bodies. The spots are the result of the “Kootie Pops,” which is described as “a mutated, restless disease that is 102% curable” on packaging that calls on kids to “Help stop the epidemic before it spreads!” Distroller is launching the new collection of three dolls with its Mission K campaign, which promotes healthy habits and provides a collection of resources for kids and families to enjoy during these unusual times.

Distroller USA Nerlie Kootie Pop

Mission K invites kids to care for their Nerlie Kootie Pops — Scratchy, Itchy, and Bumpy — by following directions that will ultimately result in a healthy Neonate Baby. The program includes free downloads and printables that have been adapted to address coronavirus and COVID-19 while reinforcing proper hand washing techniques and other habits.

Distroller USA

Neonate Babies are available in four species — Nerlie, Espongie, Zygotie, and MikroNerlito — exclusively through

Distroller World previously announced plans to open pop-up stores across the country that are now on hold due to the pandemic.