It’s a big year for influencers at retail, and the latest to make the jump from YouTube to store shelves is FGTeeV.

As part of a licensing deal inked ahead of Toy Fair, Bonkers Toys has released the first wave of products inspired by the FGTeeV family — Duddy, Moomy, the kids, and a crew of animated characters, including FUNnel Boy, Derpy Bacon, mEGGz, Postal Jenkins, and others. The FGTeeV toy line features squishies, plush, collectible figures, a Mini Mystery TeeV, and the centerpiece of the collection, the Giant Mystery TeeV.

FGTeeV Toys

“Partnering with FGTeeV has been an amazing adventure for us, as they have taken creativity to the next level,” says Bonkers Toys President and CEO, Brian Bonnett. “Their vision and dedication to their brand and connecting to the fans through unique, engaging content is second to none, and it is reflected in the super-cool toys we have jointly developed.”

Fueled by a fanbase that has already viewed videos from the FGTeeV family more than 17 billion times, the new toys arrive this week at Target and Walmart, and will soon be available on Amazon.