Source: Funko Games/Hasbro

Hasbro and Funko Games have inked a new, multi-year licensing partnership to produce a 25th-anniversary edition of Cranium and new board games designed by Funko Games.

Cranium first came out in 1998 with activities — including art, trivia, language, and performance — before being bought by Hasbro in 2008. The Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition features 18 old and new activities, hundreds of new cards, and updated content. The game is expected to hit shelves this spring. 

“The game’s enduring popularity is a testament to its creative design, easy-to-learn appeal, and the fun it’s provided to millions of players during its first 25 years,” says Deirdre Cross, General Manager of Funko Games. 

The partnership will also include three new Cranium games featuring the bright colors and zany illustrations that Cranium is known for — Big Brain: Detective Game, Hullabaloo, and Hoopla. 

Source: Funko Games/Hasbro

“Funko is a true leader in the world of pop culture and helping turn brands into a lifestyle with innovative products for fans of all ages,” says Jess Richardson, Vice President for Global Toys and Games and Licensed Consumer Products at Hasbro. “We’re confident that under their leadership this beloved, classic brand will reach icon status for a new generation.”

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Big Brain: Detective Game involves players in a quest to explore the brain, which is filled with puzzles, mysteries, and more. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the game can be played as a team or individually. Hullabaloo, a game designed for kids ages 3 and up where players have to think on their feet to follow instructions, has also gotten a Funko Games makeover, including a companion app that helps kids run the game. Hoopla, which is designed for teens and adults, features gameplay from Cranium including Cloodle, Soundstage, Tongue-Tied, and Tweener. In Hoopla, players have 15 minutes to guess all the phrases.

The three games will be available over the summer.

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