Gentle Giant Ltd. unveiled a new mass market collectible toy division, Gentle Giant Toys. The new division will have independent branding from Gentle Giant Ltd. with a new logo, website, and social media handles.

Consumers can expect to see Bust-Ups, which are collectible pre-painted, snap together mystery model kits, as well as many Marvel and Star Wars themed products such as mini character statues, enamel pins, super stills, and blind-bagged bobble heads. Gentle Giant Toys will also introduce Tiny Tin Pocket Pails, which contain a matching thermos shaped eraser pencil topper in a tin blind box. Lastly, inspired by Fleet Flyers from Star Trek: Discovery, are toy Fleet Flyers. Each vessel is sculpted using digital models from the show. Each ship comes packed with an arm stand and suction cup so that can be attached to any smooth, flat surface.