Magicube x Authenticated | Source: Toy Book

Geomagworld magnetic learning and creative toys — including the Geomag and Magicube lines — have been awarded Trustmarks.

In an era where STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) branding is being applied to a multitude of different products from different makers, seeks to review and analyze new toys using a strict set of guidelines. The organization issues Authenticated Educational and Early Childhood Product Trustmarks for toys that meet or exceed its standards.

“Our vocation at Geomagworld is to encourage learning through play with our magnetic construction platforms and the magic of invisible forces, says Andrea Calastri, vice president marketing, Geomagworld. “Inspiration comes directly from teachers who spontaneously over the years have used Geomag products as teaching tools, creating a unique educational experience.”

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The Authenticated Trustmarks have been awarded to 11 new Geomag toys and 16 new Magicube toys, many of which are made from 100% recycled plastic.

With Geomag sets, kids can build 3D structures using a collection of magnetic rods, steel spheres, and panels of different shapes. The Magicube range is designed for kids ages 6 months and up and is comprised of magnetic cubes that kids can use to build using all six sides.

The new Geomag products featuring Trustmarks are available at Target stores in the U.S.