Hasbro introduces its latest brand, Lost Kitties. The collection of mischievous kitties have a mind of their own and are always on the lookout for adventure, with their curious cat instincts taking them into unexpected places. Kids can dig through the shaping compound to search for which Lost Kitties are hidden inside blind cartons. The blind box singles are available on June 1, and the multipack will be available on August 1.

Made for kids ages 5 and up, each kitty squad has its own mischievous interests and personalities. The Lost Kitties Blind Box Singles assortment comes with two themed accessories that can be used with the shaping compound and a meme sticker. Kids can collect all 36 characters in the first series and keep an eye out for additional waves throughout the year. The Lost Kitties Blind Box Multipack Assortment contains five Lost Kitties hiding in four colors of shaping compound.