One of the most intriguing new products shown at the Hot Wheels display during Toy Fair New York is now available on Indiegogo — Hot Wheels TechMods.

A connected play offering, the Hot Wheels TechMods Accelo GT is the first buildable R/C car that’s also a video game. Kids and adults can build their own race car with the easy-to-assemble kit. The companion app allows players to drive the car with their smart device, or use their car as a physical controller to play in-app mini games. Players can also level up and mod their car in Treasure Hunt mode. Mattel is taking “early adopter” preorders, presenting TechMods in partnership with Indiegogo to open up the channels for direct feedback from tech-savvy customers.

For the first 72 hours of the Indiegogo campaign, “super early bird” adopters will receive special pricing, free shipping, and accessories (ending on May 24). The vehicle kits are expected to ship this August, with additional updates to be issued throughout the campaign.