These dolls are made with all kids in mind. | Source: Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific is updating its baby doll line with a variety of new outfits and revised sculpts reflecting the character traits of each ethnicity.

The Perfectly Cute collection from Jakks Pacific is known for its diversity. The dolls, which are available in 8- and 14-inch scales, are offered in various ethnicities and skin tones including African-American, Asian, Latinx, and Caucasian. Each baby doll also has a specific hair texture, so kids can embrace their style! The line is designed to help emulate what kids see at home and to show kids all the beautiful features others have.

“The drive for inclusion and diversity coupled with everyone spending more time at home over the last year has made the roleplaying-at-home play pattern more important than ever,” says Jeremy Seuper, senior director of marketing, Jakks Pacific.

A full line of accessories is paired with the Perfectly Cute doll line so kids can care for their baby using a fold-up stroller, diaper packs, a magic sippy cup, and more. These inclusive baby dolls are priced at $9.99 and are available exclusively at Target.