TonkalogoJMPR Public Relations Inc. has been retained by Funrise Inc. to handle media relations duties for its Tonka-branded products under license from Hasbro. JMPR will work with Funrise’s internal marketing team to help develop strategy and implement consumer engagement programs, new product launches, and special events. JMPR will also be responsible for leading a broad range of media outreach initiatives, including the promotion of Tonka Motorsports’ involvement with racing series and sponsorship of drivers.

In addition, JMPR will help leverage Tonka’s marketing partnerships with Ford and Toyota, raise awareness for various community and philanthropic events across the country that the brand participates in, and help to launch new Tonka-branded products to non-endemic press. The account will be run out of the agency’s headquarters based in Woodland Hills, Calif., with support from a network of consultants in major media markets.

“This is not just another asset for us,” says Joe Molina, the president and founder of JMPR. “Tonka is part of the American fabric, it’s one of those names that takes you back to your childhood. We help build the magic, and that’s what we intend to do [with Tonka].”

Molina described Tonka Toys as having wide appeal in the present marketplace, with name recognition among both parents and their kids. He stated that Funrise’s upcoming products would retain the hallmarks of previous Tonka toy vehicles, such as durability and interactivity.

“If it’s not broken, we’re not going to fix it,” says Molina. “We’ve been entrusted with magic here, and we don’t intend to get in the way of that goodwill.”