Majesco Entertainment Announces Lineup at E3 2011

Majesco Entertainment announced its upcoming video game lineup at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, which was held June 7-9. Some of the highlights included:

For Nintendo DS and 3DS:

Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic – Mama will return to the kitchen this fall with all new recipes and surprises in this popular game series.

Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures – Mama expands her skills in the wilderness in this Nintendo game for girls and boys.

The Hidden – Use the Nintendo 3DS camera to search through real-world environments in this reality ghost-hunting experience.

Face Racers: Photo Finish – Use photos of your face, via the Nintendo 3DS camera, to customize a ride in this personalized arcade racing game.

Pet Zombies – Create and control a personal pet zombie!

For Wii:

Zumba Fitness 2 – Following the hit game Zumba Fitness, Zumba Fitness 2 adds more dance numbers, and fans can find a behind-the-scenes preview of the sequel at the Majesco E3 booth (West Hall, Meeting Room 512).

For Kinect for Xbox 360:

Hulk Hogan’s Main Event – Train with Hulk Hogan and learn the art of showmanship to win over the crowd in this motion-based wrestling game.

Take Shape – Flexibility will come in handy for this fun party game which names shapes, symbols, and animals that players have to twist and shrink into.

Mind ‘n Motion – Test your motor skills in this fast-paced game that keeps your entire body moving as fast as your mind can control it.

For Facebook:

Cooking Mama Friends’ Café – Create dishes with Mama to serve in your virtual café.

Parking Wars 2 – Inspired by the hit reality show on A&E, this sequel to the original Facebook game lets players monitor their own vehicles while also ticketing their friends to generate income.

Majesco Entertainment also announced the Spring 2012 release of a new and original motion-based NBA video game.

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Erika Graham

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