Crossed Signals | Source: Mattel Games

This week, Mattel is adding a brand new title to its lineup of classic games.

Crossed Signals is a fast-paced active electronic game for up to four players ages 8 and up that Mattel says is “simple to learn but challenging to master.”

The game features a pair of light sticks that players will follow via light and voice commands, moving them up, down, or shaking them around. Players will need to get on their feet as the speed — and challenge — increases. There’s also a dueling showdown mode in which two players each take a stick and face off for Crossed Signals supremacy.

Source: Mattel

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Crossed Signals features built-in multiplayer and scorekeeping that works with in-person gameplay or remotely via video chat. In a world where playing games via Zoom and Facetime has become a regular way to connect with friends and family far away, Crossed Signals fits right in, but remote players each need to have their own Crossed Signals game in order to play.

The game is available now, first to market at Target.