More Products to Premiere for Spot’s 30th Anniversary

Chorion has announced a range of new products featuring Spot as he celebrates his 30th anniversary this year.

In the U.S., BBC America will release Spot Goes to School in August and Spot’s Magical Christmas in October. Chorion has also signed a new licensing deal with Zoobies who will make a Spot product to be featured on QVC for “Christmas in July.” Master toy licensee Kids Preferred is expanding its Spot product line to include puzzles, backpacks, bath toys, and wooden toys, which will be released in 2011.

In the UK, master toy licensee, Rainbow Designs will introduce an expanded range of products including puzzles and wooden toys for 2011. Additionally, an exclusive birthday party is planned for August 5 in London for parents and children.

Additional book titles for Spot from Warne include a 30th anniversary special edition of Where’s Spot?, Spot’s Birthday Balloon, and Spot’s Little Library. Touch and feel books, a book and plush set, and an 18-button sound book are planned for the holiday season.

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