Nintendo to Release 3-D Portable Console

Nintendo has announced that it will release a 3-D portable console, the Nintendo 3DS. The system will use two screens, will be backwards compatible with current DS and DSi games, and—most likely the biggest feature—players won’t have to wear any special glasses to see the game in 3-D.

Last month, Ars Technica posted a video (above) of a downloadable game that is currently out in Japan, which allows the user to see a 3-D effect by peering into the game and moving the console back and forth. The 3DS may use similar technology.

The Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to be release before the end of the fiscal year, sometime between April 2010 and March 2011. The company has yet to release any images or videos of the upcoming system, or explain how the games will look or be played.

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