Osmo teamed up with Disney for the Osmo Super Studio, featuring Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends.

The Super Studio will bring kids’ drawings of the classic Disney characters into an interactive version on the app. 

Kids will supply real-world drawings that are pulled into the story’s digital world and answer yes or no questions to guide the story in Osmo Super Studio app. Kids help to shape the storyline with whatever they imagine belongs in the tale. As the story progresses, characters ask for tools, toys, scenery, and snacks to bring into their world. 

Osmo’s Reflective AI technology allows the iPad’s camera to see physical objects in front of it, giving kids a blank canvas to draw their favorite Disney characters how they see them in any color, size, or shape.

Osmo Super Studio is made for kids ages 5 and up and will be available starting Sept. 4 at Amazon, Target, and Best BuySuper Studio is also available as an add-on to existing Osmo sets.