Talking Tom and Talking Friends reached the 1 billion downloaded apps mark. Talking Tom and the Talking Friends characters are known for their humorous talk back ability and reaction to touch.

Since the original Talking Tom debuted in July 2010, the Talking Friends family of characters has grown to 14 animal friends. With more than two dozen apps in the franchise, Talking Friends apps are played in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide by more than 170 million users each month. Play both on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android systems, the download rate of Talking Friends apps is approximately 50 million per month.

The Talking Friends characters engage with fans in more ways than just talk back fun. The launch of the Tom Loves Angela app allowed users to chat with Angela about everything from love to movies and travel, and listen to her responses. The debut of the Talking Angela app introduced gesture recognition capabilities, allowing her to understand and react to different facial gestures, including the nodding and shaking of one’s head, smiling, yawning, and sticking out of one’s tongue.

Talking Tom and his feline girlfriend Angela racked up millions of YouTube views with duets including “You Get Me” and “That Falling in Love.” The music videos, in partnership with Walt Disney Records, have more than 100 million views. A ten-episode web series with Disney Interactive also drew 100 million views worldwide. User-generated YouTube videos demonstrate the central values of the brand: fun, self-expression, and sharing.

Outfit7 continues to expand the portfolio. A new Talking Tom app is scheduled to launch this summer. Through a multi-level game concept, the new app will teach users about responsibility, relationships, and long-term commitment. Ginger’s Birthday, released in April, introduced educational-oriented game elements focused on hygiene and a proper diet.

In addition, Outfit7 is taking Talking Tom and his friends on the road, allowing users to engage with them in new ways. At June’s Licensing Expo, the company will discuss with current and future partners its plans, including developments in TV, home entertainment, and live events and attractions, in addition to on-going evolutions in their established home on mobile devices and online.