Ozobot‘s recently updated its Evo, a completely connected robot that encourages creative thinking and social interaction for kids ages 8 and up. The revamped app-connected Evo features three new tricks, an updated on-boarding experience, and an upgraded app.

The pocket-sized, coding robot has proximity and optical sensors, a built-in speaker, and Bluetooth smart capability. The latest version features three new tricks—Follow, Music, and Escape—that allow players to create games and songs with OzoBlockly programming. An experience pack is also included in the new bot, which gives step-by-step instructions on how to code. 

The app also has new features, including the Explore section that enables players to see what other Evo owners create with their robots. The Share section encourages users to create fun programs, mazes, and more that they can share with the rest of the OzoSquad community. Enhanced experiences have also been added to Drive, where users can have their Evo speak and make noise in addition to Chat, which lets users communicate to friends who have other Evos.

An unboxing and how-to video is available here.

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Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo

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