Paul Caldera | Source: BPMS/The Toy Book

Blue Plate Media Services (BPMS) appointed Paul Caldera to the position of director of television investments.

The seasoned media exec was a partner in Beacon Media for 13 years and brings 25 years of experience in the TV advertising space to BPMS, with a focus on reaching parents and kids. He most recently served as an independent media consultant for MGA Entertainment (MGAE).

“Caldera has heart and history,” says BMPS President and Founder David Becker. “While media has changed considerably since his early agency days, and TV has evolved into a single spoke inside the kids and family media wheel, I see Paul as an agency historian and a masterful buyer. He brings a wealth of client history to the BPMS team along with deep rooted relationships on the buy side, ensuring efficiencies will be further leveraged and fully realized by our roster of valued clients.”

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“I could not be more excited to work with BPMS and their passionate and dedicated team of media maestros,” says Caldera. “Over the past 20 years, I’ve witnessed from afar their steady agency growth, their early use of digital and TV media planning and buying, and the etiquette they brought to the kid and family agency space.”

BMPS is continuing to expand its team of media strategists as it grows its roster of toy and entertainment companies in the media planning and buying space. Current clients and partners include Jakks Pacific, TOMY, ZURU, IMC, The Elf on the Shelf, University Games, and more. BPMS seeks to help its clients craft targeted reach across multiple screens while driving measurable reach and engagement.