Following a recent round of expansion into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) territories this summer, Gormiti will soon be seen by more audiences.

The Italian series is based on the popular European toy line, which first hit retail in 2005 and has since been adapted for TV around the world in various incarnations. The latest version of Gormiti is a 3D-animated, CGI action-comedy produced by toymaker Giochi Preziosi along with Planeta Junior and Kotoc animation studio.

Timed with MIPCOM, Planeta Junior revealed distribution deals for Gormiti, including Clan (Spain), Gulli (France), Teletoon (Canada), ITV (UK), RAI (Italy), TVP ABC (Poland), Nickelodeon (Greece), CN (Portugal), Carousel (Russia), and Spacetoon (MENA). Gormiti is already airing in the aforementioned territories and will soon debut in Indonesia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Slovenia.

Gormiti follows four boys, each representing a different elemental tribe of their homeland Gorm, and Ao-ki, a Light Girl, who leads and trains them. With her help, the boys must learn to master their elemental bracers, which summon legendary heroes of the corresponding elements to fight on their behalf — when used properly. Standing in their way is Voidus, leader of the evil Darkans, who are looking to escape their shadowy world of Darkor and conquer Gorm.

Now in its second season, Gormiti has been greenlit for a 26-episode third season set to debut next year. According to Giochi Preziosi, more than 500 million Gormiti figures have been sold since 2005, with sales topping $1.5 billion.