Following the release of a detailed video that explains the coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19 to kids, Playmobil is in full production with a reusable mask that will help protect wearers from the spread of COVID-19.

Designers at the Brandstätter Group created the Playmobil Nose and Mouth Mask in an effort to reduce the risk of droplet-based infections. The initial production run was shipped to the company’s employees around the world, and beginning this week the masks will be available for sale to the public. According to Playmobil, “new injection molding tools for the complex design were created in record time” to get the masks to market as quickly as possible.

The plastic mask requires the use of a fresh filter element before each use. Due to the varied availability of filters globally, the mask works with standard paper handkerchiefs and comes with enough material to create up to 40 filters. The plastic mask can be cleaned with soap and hot water and should be worn for no more than 10 hours before cleaning. Playmobil says that wearers should still practice recommended social distancing guidelines, allowing at least 6 feet between others.

Masks will be available for shipping worldwide beginning April 14 through the Playmobil website. The company will donate $1 from each $4.99 EUR (approximately $5.44 USD) purchase price to the German Red Cross’ Corona Emergency Aid Fund and the existing “Heroes of the Everyday” campaign to support coronavirus relief efforts.