Source: Pressman Toys/The Toy Book

Since 1922, Pressman Toy Corp. has been creating classic toys and games that have been enjoyed by families around the world.

The family-owned company was founded by Jack Pressman who led the business until his death in 1959. Pressman’s wife, Lynn, took the helm as president and continued to evolve the business through licensing, marketing, and advertising in new ways. In 1977, Lynn handed the keys to her son, Jim Pressman, who led the company for 37 years prior to its acquisition by Goliath Group in 2014. Now, Goliath is celebrating the legacy of the company behind Rummikub, Mastermind, and more.

Rummikub is available in several versions, including this retro tin edition. | Source: Pressman/Goliath

“Goliath is proud of Pressman’s 100 years of rich history of creating unmatched game experiences that have provided happiness to so many families over the years,” says Goliath Group CEO Jochanan Golad. “Pressman understands the fundamentals that both drive success in the toy industry and touch children’s lives. We look forward to continuing the legacy that can only be measured in smiles.”

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Pressman’s 100th anniversary is being celebrated through partnerships with board game cafes. Goliath says that it’s providing them with games, including Rummikub, Tri-Ominos, Mastermind, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Additionally, families everywhere are invited to take part in a social media event beginning Nov. 28 by using the hashtag #PressmanGameNight to share photos and memories of their favorite games with the world.

Toy and game enthusiasts that are curious about the definitive backstory of Pressman can look for the new book, A Century of American Toys & Games: The Story of Pressman Toy beginning Nov. 29. Written by Jim and Donna Pressman, the book from Abbeville Press includes detailed insight on the company and its history.