A new studio is in town, and it hopes to change the world of toys.

Rebel Play Studio is a new invention studio that promises to challenge industry norms through innovative toys and games. The studio was founded by Laurie Peterson and Alvaro Gonzalez, both of whom bring experience in both areas to the table.

Rebel the creative spirit is the studio mascot. | Source: Rebel Play

The studio’s mascot, Rebel, is designed to be a creative spirit and symbolize the imagination each person has within. Rebel Play has tips for those who want to invent, including having a collection of ideas and being willing to pivot; being able to handle rejection; accepting feedback; and being financially ready. As Peterson puts it, “When starting out a new venture, you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and have faith that you are headed somewhere meaningful.”

We aim to embody rebellious imagination with our new studio Rebel Play. The trick is finding a balance between delivering the unexpected and being on brand for our toy industry partners.
Laurie Peterson, Co-Founder, Rebel Play

Peterson has prior experience as both an entrepreneur and toy designer. She earned her MBA from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and worked early on as a Producer at Leapfrog. Eventually, she set out on her own and launched a number of start-ups as well as created a line of magnetic dollhouses called Build & Imagine.

Gonzalez has a history working as a game designer for companies such as Spin Master, Hasbro, Sony, and Samsung. He most recently directed the augmented reality (AR) mobile game Ghostbusters Afterlife: ScARe.

Rebel Play started as a series of Slack message collaborations between the two and evolved from there. The studio has 12 toy and game concepts ready to pitch, and plans many more in the future.

Rebel Play Studios invites those interested in a pitch meeting to reach out through its official website.

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