Sani Toys, a group of South Carolina-based inventors represented by the service company InventHelp, has developed and patented a toybox that sanitizes toys via germ-killing light.

The automatic device resembles a conventional toybox, and features a flip-up lid with a self-locking latch and self-timer, as well as germicidal rod lights located on both the underside of the lid and the interior base. A horizontal, clear shelf holds the toys, and perforated holes let the light shine through. The interior walls are reflective to maximize the light’s effectiveness, and a removable mesh basket holds small toys, cars, building blocks, or other small items.

The parent or caregiver activates the toybox via an on/off button, and the shelf vibrates while the lights treat the toys for 10 to 20 minutes. Sani Toys is suitable for use at daycare centers, or other public places such as doctors’ offices or homes where multiple children play.

InventHelp is attempting to submit the invention to companies for review. If substantial interest is expressed, the company will attempt to negotiate for a sale or royalties for the inventor. More information can be accessed by calling Dept. 09-CBA-1304 at (800) 851-6030, or by visiting InventHelp at