Schleich is expanding its retail footprint across the U.S. with plans to open as many as 25 flagship toy departments inside leading toy stores across the country.

Known for its highly-detailed animal figurines and play sets, Schleich opened toy shops at Tom’s Toys in Beverly Hills, California; Talbot’s Toyland in San Mateo, California; and at Maziply Toys (pictured top) in the Boston suburb of Kingston, Massachusetts. On May 1, the next shop will open at ABC & Toy Zone in Rochester, Minnesota. The store-within-a-store concept spawned from the success of Schleich’s pop-up shop, which opened last fall in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Schleich Display at Talbot's

Schleich Toy Department at Talbot’s Toyland, San Mateo, California

“We are delighted with the early success of our retail initiative and look forward to expanding the Schleich flagship program to many more stores from coast-to-coast,” says Oliver Krause-Huckleberry, head of North American marketing, Schleich USA. “Our specially-designed flagship stores provide consumers with the full Schleich toy and brand experience, from our beautiful figurines and feature-rich play sets to life-sized animal models and more.”

Schleich Toy Department at Tom's Toys, Beverly Hills, California

Schleich Toy Department at Tom’s Toys, Beverly Hills, California

Schleich’s new initiative brings a complete brand experience to each toy store in a 150 to 250 square foot department showcasing the brand’s six signature worlds: Farm WordWild LifeHorse ClubbayalaDinosaurs, and Eldrador Creatures. The departments feature colorful signage and the option of display-sized figurine models including a 15-foot T-Rex or life-sized lion, tiger or horse. Play tables are also available to create a hands-on experience for kids and parents. Additionally, the company is supporting its flagship retail partners with a comprehensive communication plan, including public relations, social media, and marketing.