Schwinn Calls for Americans to “Go For a Ride” in Multi-Million Dollar Campaign

Schwinn, the American bicycle manufacturer, is inviting Americans to “go for a ride” as part of a major brand relaunch and integrated national advertising and marketing program.

The multi-million dollar campaign, which launches nationwide this week, will feature the Schwinn bicycle bell as a thematic centerpiece representing “a call to action to reconnect with what’s important in life.” Print and television ads, as well as a digital campaign, will feature messages such as “Never stop and smell the cubicles,” “The world needs a recess bell,” and “You can’t text message your inner child,” urging Americans to get outside and get riding.

Consumers will be directed to, which will provide simple tips on finding the right bike and where to buy it. Additionally, a downloadable application for mobile phones will give riding and fitness tips along with local route information.

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