Source: PlayMonster

PlayMonster has rebranded this month as Setember to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the popular game Set.

All month, the company will celebrate with #SETSundays, in which PlayMonster’s social media will be dedicated to solving Set puzzles. In addition, a new puzzle shows up on this website every day, where people can head to solve it.

Marsha Jean Falco first thought of the game in 1974 when she was studying the genetics of animals. Falco used file cards with blocks of information to keep track of each animal and used symbols to represent them. One day, while sharing the info with a veterinarian, they asked if combining the symbols would make a set — and the rest three decades of history. The game officially went into puzzlers’ hands in September of 1990.

Set is sure to be around for Setembers to come.