Skylanders-SuperChargers-Logo_PNGWith Skylanders SuperChargers, from Activision Publishing Inc. and developed by Vicarious Visions, Skylanders will enjoy a number of franchise firsts including racing and online multiplayer game play on console.

In Skylanders SuperChargers’ racing mode, players can engage in racing combat with time trials that include three-lap races. All Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Packs will come with six dynamic racetracks—two each for land, sea, and sky—featuring hidden routes, power-ups, and diverse locations. In addition, gamers can choose to play in offline split-screen or online multiplayer mode, and engage in voice-chat with friends.

The complete list of play options includes single-player Adventure Mode, online and local cooperative Adventure Mode, local two-player head-to-head racing in split screen, and online competitive racing for up to four players.

Skylanders SuperChargers enables gamers to race against friends all over the world and brings an exciting new expansion to the Skylanders gameplay experience,” says John Coyne, senior vice president of consumer marketing, Activision Publishing Inc. “We continue to be firmly committed to driving Skylanders’ spirit for providing originality, innovation, creativity, and fun with each game.”

Skylanders SuperChargers will add Racing Action Packs at launch and beyond. These optional expansion packs—one each for Land, Sea, and Sky—unlock more racing content, and each pack comes with a SuperCharger, its signature vehicle, and a villain trophy. The villain trophy unlocks two new tracks and new modes including SuperVillain Cup, Boss Pursuit, and Mirror Cup. There will be 12 boss villains across all three packs, with four in each pack, which players can defeat and play as.

Activision will also be releasing a complementary, dedicated racing combat game, Skylanders SuperChargers Racing, for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS hand-held systems. On Nintendo 3DS, gamers can go head-to-head with competitive multiplayer via local play or online with up to four players. Iconic Nintendo character Bowser and his Sky vehicle, the Clown Cruiser, are available in the Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Starter Packs for Wii and Nintendo 3DS, and can also be played on the Wii U system.

Skylanders SuperChargers will be available on September 25 in Europe and September 20 in North America across leading video game consoles.