Source: Super Impulse/The Toy Book

The makers of World’s Smallest are bringing a classic trading card and sticker brand into the physical realm.

Wacky Packages Minis is a new line of miniature parody products created by Super Impulse under license from The Topps Co. The new collection includes 66 collectible toys that are based on the parody stickers that Topps originally launched back in 1967. Kids and collectors will find “Old Skool” satire with Cap’N Crud, Moron Salt, and Band-Ache packed with “New Skool” varieties including Dr. Pooper, Crypt’s Ahoy!, and Ghoul Scout Cookies.

Source: Super Impulse

“Nobody does miniatures better than Super Impulse and we are amped to bring Wacky Packages Minis to the market,” says Super Impulse President, Alan Dorfman. “There is a loyal collector base spanning five decades of Topps stickers; in fact, I collected them as a kid! We can’t wait to bring these to a new generation of boys and girls.”

At launch, each Wacky Packages Minis set includes five mini products toys, one Wacky Packages sticker, and a collector checklist.

Wacky Packages Minis are available at Amazon, Target, and select specialty retailers. The brand will be available soon at Walmart.