They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure — and despite their trashcan packaging, Junkbots collectibles are packed with play value for kids to discover.

Combining the unboxing trend with the company’s signature STEM offerings, HEXBUG‘s Junkbots are robots that kids can snap together using a universal socket system. There are 36 characters to collect, with features such as vibrations, light-up energy cores, and motion packs. The line is set to debut this weekend at Toy Fair New York (TFNY).

Junkbots aren’t the only collectible that HEXBUG will showcase at TFNY. The company will also introduce MoBots, a line of interactive robot sidekicks. Kids can use MoBots to record their voice and make it sound like a robot, altering the pitch to be higher and lower. MoBots will be available in three versions: Mimix, Fetch, and Ramblez.

HEXBUG is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the HEXBUG nano with the new nano Flash. It is the fastest nano to date and can move through its track twice as fast as the previous nano. The company is expanding its Micro Robotic Creature line, too, with HEXBUG Dragon. This R/C creature roars, spews flame effects, crawls on all fours, and features a moving tail. Finally, HEXBUG’s new VEX Robotics Constructions Zone set features more than 830 pieces and three models to choose from.

HEXBUG will showcase its product range in booth No. 2135 at Toy Fair New York, taking place from Feb. 22-25 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

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