The Genius of Play released its “Dear Parents” public service announcement (PSA) campaign today. Each PSA takes a unique look at play from a child’s perspective, and explains to parents how a balanced mix of play offers kids a variety of benefits.

The campaign consists of four PSAs:

  • “Dear Parents: Crazy” (:60) features a boy reading a letter to parents that highlights the different skills that play provides.
  • “Dear Parents: Pop Quiz” (:30) a girl pretends to be a teacher, quizzing parents about the best kind of play for kids.
  • “Dear Parents: Time Out” (:30) portrays a boy dressed as a super hero taking a time out to tell parents how great play is.
  • “Dear Parents: Rocket Science” (:30) a young scientist discusses how certain kinds of play can provide different benefits than others.

The “Dear Parents” PSAs have won the Association Trends All Media Contest award, which recognizes the best and most unique marketing and communications programs by organizations. The PSAs are currently available for digital download here.