Vlad and Niki

Vlad & Niki | Source: Rocket Licensing/Toy Book

WildBrain CPLG will represent YouTube stars Vlad and Niki in EMEA and Russia.

The kids recently locked their first major licensing deal in the toy department with ZURU, and will now see their brand expand globally. The Vlad and Niki channel launched in English in 2018 and has since spawned a total of 15 YouTube channels streaming in 12 languages worldwide.

“In just a couple of years, Vlad and Niki have established a remarkable international fan-base on YouTube with staggering global reach,” says Maarten Weck, executive vice president and managing director at WildBrain CPLG. “We’re already seeing a huge amount of interest in this brand so will be moving quickly as we create a licensing program which captures the fun and family spirit of Vlad and Niki’s much-loved videos for fans across EMEA and Russia.”

WildBrain CPLG and Haven Global will collaborate to build a program for EMEA and Russia that will cover all consumer product categories and beyond.