Zuru launches 5 Surprise, a new blind bag capsule toy at Walmart and other retailers nationwide in April. The toy combines unboxing with the thrill of collectible toys. Each capsule features five sealed segments hiding five individual toys, with a mix of more than 300 unique toys in the first series.

Kids don’t know what they’re getting until they unwrap, peel, and reveal each signature pink or blue capsule. The pink capsules feature more than 150 toys, including color-changing mermaids and toy plants, dress up princesses, super slime and putty, funky DIY jewelry, stationery, accessories and more. In the blue capsules, kids can reveal more than 150 styles of toys including glow-in-the-dark zombies, prank toys, action figure ninjas, super sticky squishies, and stickers.

The launch of 5 Surprise will be supported by a robust PR and marketing program that includes unboxing videos from YouTube influencers, reviews from bloggers, and more.