Mattel has released its The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie, a doll inspired and partially designed by New York fashion designers Phillipe and David Blond, co-creators of The Blonds fashion label.

Although dubbed “drag queen” Barbie on the blogosphere (Phillipe Blond himself has been known to cross-dress), Mattel isn’t marketing the doll in that way, though it does specify the doll is geared toward the adult collector. On its website, the company says the doll was inspired by The Blonds designers, who “create scintillating styles for starlets: gem-encrusted bodysuits; crystal corsets; mini-dresses lavishly embellished with stars, chains, spikes, and sequins.”

The doll wears a jewel-encrusted corset dress and faux fox fur. She has long wavy blond hair, extended eye lashes, and bright red lips. “Phillipe and David Blond believe that every woman should be glamorous every day,” the company says in its description of the doll.

The Barbie Collector doll is marked “hard to find” on Mattel’s website. It is currently on back order.

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